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Frequently Asked Questions

Typical Questions and Answers

Do I have to have a toprail on my glass balustrading?

If you are investing in structural (engineered glass) then you will not require a toprail.  If you are using toughened glass, you will be required to have a toprail or handrail that connects all panels of glass together.  This is required if the finished floor to finished floor distance is greater than a meter.

What glass thickness is recommended for pool fencing?

10 or 12mm toughened safety glass is recommended for pool fencing.  We prefer to use 12mm as it gives you that added strength and protection against the elements.  Ensure your glass is manufactured and tested to AS1288.  On all of our glass you will find a stamp that indicates that it meets this Australian Standard.

Do I need to ensure all metals are earthed within my pool area.

If you are installing any metals such as stainless steel spigots within 1200mm from the water in your pool, you will be required to engage a qualified Electrician to ensure that equipotential Bonding is occurring.  It is a good idea to ensure this is thought about early on in planning the positioning of your pool fence.

What is the difference between 316 and 304 stainless steel?

316 is a marine grade stainless steel that is suitable for outdoor use. 304 is still of very high quality but is more suited to indoor applications such as stainless steel kitchen benches.

Should I choose Mirror Finish or Satin Finish Stainless Steel for outdoor use?

Mirror finish (shiny – polished) Stainless steel is more corrosion resistant than Satin finished (brushed) Stainless steel and is the best choice for coastal and exterior applications. All Stainless steel still needs to be maintained as recommended for longevity.

Why would I choose Custom Glass over Pre-fabricated Glass?

By using custom glass, you can be assured you have the glass finish at the exact height preferred.  You will be able to achieve consistent gaps between panels and accommodate any fall that may be present (uneven or sloping floor levels).  If buying Australian made is a preference for you, custom glass can be sourced within Australia unlike Pre-fabricated options.