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The Benefits of Using Glass in Your Build

When you choose a qualified glass supplier and installer you are choosing someone who is an expert on the best products in the business and is trained in the correct techniques to create the safest, highest quality custom solutions for the job. 

When it comes to bespoke designs that are safe, secure, and can be enjoyed for a lifetime, the use of quality products are just as important as quality workmanship as the benefits go way beyond what the eye can see.


Although often overlooked for its sustainable properties, glass can play an important role, particularly in terms of energy and thermal ratings for awnings and custom skylights.

Quality that Fits into Your Build Budget

Different builds come with different scopes, and inevitably different budgets, therefore it’s important to work with a manufacturer that can provide solutions to meet all costs, without ever compromising on quality.

When working with a reputable and experienced glass manufacturer, you’ll be provided with relevant custom toughened safety glass solutions for your project to meet your client’s budget and concept. 

With a vast range of thicknesses and tints to suit each application and specialist solutions.   Whether it be low iron glass to create a crystal clear look to Matlucent glass for extra privacy, we simplify the selection process, helping you achieve your clients desired aesthetic and function.

Custom Solutions

When creating a dream custom-home for your client it’s important to bring their vision to life, with little to no compromises.

By working with a manufacturing company that is experienced in drafting, templating, and installing, custom glass products you can confidently achieve a bespoke design that delivers on form and function for your clients without any upsets that can derive from pre-fabricated options.

Warranty & Compliance Documentation

At Bluewater Stainless we can liaise with engineers on your behalf to ensure occupational certification is achieved without a problem, meeting all Australian structural standards.

Quality products and quality workmanship mean your glass solutions should last a lifetime, that’s why we guarantee our workmanship with a lifetime warranty.

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