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Choosing a Metal Fabricator

It’s no secret that metals such as stainless steel, steel, brass and aluminium are some of the most popular materials in the building industry. 

Because of the versatility of applications, for both general use and within projects to achieve architectural concepts – Homeowners, builders and architects heavily rely on a reputable and dependable fabricator. 

However, narrowing down the best company for your project is not always an easy feat and requires taking some factors into consideration:


When considering the level of experience a company may have,  it’s  important to know how many years they’ve worked in the industry and what types of projects they have worked on in the past.  

Ask yourself:  “does their scope of work align with my current project” , “will they be able to efficiently source and manufacture the elements the job requires”

Remember, aligning with a company that has completed projects similar to yours is highly important.


Take into consideration the size of their team and workspace. 

If their workforce is too small they may not be able to complete your project as efficiently as needed, implicating the project’s timeline. 

Also evaluate the size of their facilities, depending on the physical size of your project’s components, some fabricators may not be up for the challenge. 

In addition, you want to ensure their team is composed of more than just one highly skilled individual, ensuring the team as a whole is equally qualified to be working for you.


You’ll find that metal fabricators who have invested heavily in themselves throughout the years will have the most cutting edge technology readily available to them. 

This not only improves on productivity and quality throughout the fabrication process, it also equips them with the flexibility to easily adapt their systems to suit a project’s specific requirements.

Financial Stability & Compliance

When engaging your metal fabricator of choice, ask them about their financial practices to help determine their level of stability.  

Assess insurances and their certifications, checking their compliance with relevant codes.

In addition, ensure they hold good relationships with their suppliers and that they are able to source quality materials quickly.  


If you are trying to achieve a look that is unique and a little out of the box, you will require a fabrication team that loves what they do and is passionate about the craft.

Quality from start to finish

The initial manufacturing of your project is only one piece of the puzzle. 

You also need a metal fabricator that provides quality workmanship and has a reliable supply chain that extends through to the finishing stages.

A single company that can manage your project from start to finish will save time, money and ensure quality and consistency.

With tight budgets to adhere to and even tighter timelines to work towards. Whether you’re tackling a major development or a project of a smaller scope, it’s important to ensure the manufacturer you’re engaging is the right one for the job from the outset.

Asking the right questions up front will help you narrow down your search and make the right choice.

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