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Our Core Values


About a month ago Ben, Brad, Garry and Cathy attended a session with Alicia from Guide to Thrive.

We were locked into a room together while we worked through a series of exercises to help us come to an agreement on what Values we all resonate with.  After a pretty heavy 12 months including finishing The Lume, Covid and a Workshop Move – we wanted to stop; and recognise collectively  why we are here  – doing what we do!

From a long list, we chose common values that we thought Bluewater Stainless could be  identified by and align with.  Our team, suppliers and customers were considered when we came up with our values.

Each week at our production meeting we make it a practice to reflect on the 6 core values and how they play out in everyday life at Bluewater Stainless.

Our values highlight the direction that Bluewater Stainless is heading as well as illustrate the path that we have taken to get here.

The values are a constant reminder to ensure that our team works harmoniously and our customers are taken care of most importantly.

We are passionate about what we create and the people we work with.

We Commit to delivering our targets.

We have solid relationships internally and externally.

We are committed to continuous improvements and we seek expansive ideas.

We live in a place of fun and creativity, and seek variety.

We exchange open and honest communication.

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