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ENDUROSHIELD Glass Treatment

We have great News! Bluewater Stainless is now a certified Enduroshield Applicator. What does this mean? Our team of installers have undertaken training by ‘Enduroshield’ on how to apply their product effectively and accurately. 

If Enduroshield is applied in the workshop by a certified applicator it is guaranteed to last on your glass for 10 years.

EnduroShield Review
Enduroshield Glass Treatment – Bluewater Stainless

Why choose Enduroshield?  

* Enduroshield is a protective coating that is applied to glass prior to installation.  It works effectively on Glass Pool Fencing, Glass Balustrading and Glass Shower Screens.  It protects the glass from staining, etching from salt, chlorine and pool chemicals that can discolour glass.

* Enduroshield cuts down the time and costs of cleaning your glass

* If Enduroshield is applied prior to installation, it provides a permanent invisible coating on your glass surface to protect and minimise cleaning effort by up to 90%

Bluewater Stainless offers Glass Balustrading, Pool Fencing and Shower Screen glass manufacture and installation to the Port Stephens area, Newcastle and Hunter regions as well as the Central Coast and mid north coast regions.

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