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Five Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

The best way to increase the value of your property is to make it appeal to the largest number of people possible. Balustrades and the use of Glass will give it the wow factor and help Real Estate agents get the highest selling price on your behalf.

Bluewater Stainless works with Port Stephens and Newcastle’s leading agents and the owners they represent to get homes ready for sale or auction.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home?

Pool Fencing

We work with many landscape designers and are accustomed to thinking outside of the square to give your outdoor area a unique resort feel. Read more…


From a simple spine backed staircase to an elaborate glass masterpiece.  The staircase is an opportunity to include  functional piece of art within your build. You may want to remove, replace or modify a dated staircases as part of a renovation or install a staircase as part of a quick restoration before selling your home. Read more… 

Shower Screens

Another quick way to improve the value of your home is to modernise the bathrooms. Our extensive glazing experience enables us to offer the service of installing custom frameless shower screens. Read more… 

Balustrading & Handrails

We spend a lot of time on decks, so another sure way to command higher house selling prices is to upgrade the deck. We are able to offer various styles of balustrading in various forms and functions. We can offer both pre-engineered systems or fully custom designs – catering to any budget. Read more… 

Landscape Design Products

Our landscape design include garden edging solution that is less expensive than plate steel, aluminium and concrete edging. FormBoss® will save you from reinstalling the same traditional edging systems every couple years or so, so you will actually save money and backache by installing FormBoss® just the once.  Convenient online shopping option for ordering at your leisure. Read more…

Visit our online store for DIY landscaping ideas.

Endless Home Improvement Possibilities

Contact our team to discuss and brainstorm ideas on how to best prepare your home to go to market and ensure your Real Estate agent can command the highest possible price at Auction.

five ways to improve the look of your home

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