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Helping Owners in Apartments Upgrade to a Safe, Compliant, and Fabulous Looking Balustrade System

Helping Owners in Apartments Upgrade to a Safe, Compliant, and Fabulous Looking Balustrade system.

Older apartment buildings are highly likely to have balustrading systems that do not comply with the current National Construction Code.  Often they are too low and sit at around the 865-900mm mark from the finished floor.  Currently it is required that your balustrading is a minimum of 1000mm from the finished floor level to be deemed compliant.

Furthermore, the older style balustrades that consist of balusters or uprights were commonly spaced at increments greater than what is now seen as safe.  A 125mm sphere should not be able to pass through any part of the balustrading… this is to ensure a baby’s head could not fit through and fall over an edge.

Compliant Balustrades for Strata Buildings

In more recent years, there are also more stringent requirements for how a balustrading is fixed to the underlying structure.  Systems that are installed have to be engineered to meet the requirement set out in the Australian Standard – AS1170.1 which relates to the minimum design load on structures.  This standard ensures that the fixings that hold your balustrading to your balcony, can withstand particular forces that would keep your loved ones safe if they were to lean on the balustrade.

What we can do is provide a safe, compliant, aesthetic  balustrade for you to enjoy your view through for years to come.  We can offer solutions that suit all styles of buildings from Mid Century Modern to contemporary.

Before / After Upgrade of Staircases Balustrades at the Shoal Towers in Shoal Bay, NSW.

Safety First

You may be planning on renting out your investment or selling it in years to come?  These are even more reasons to ensure that your tenants are safe and you are protected from any potential legal battles if there is an accident.  Non-compliant balustrading could also hold up the sale of your property once the regulations start to be enforced as part of a building inspection.  It is only a matter of time before this becomes a condition of sale just as pool fence regulations already have.  Now is a great time to start the process of planning to remove and replace any non-compliant balustrades within your property.  We understand and are patient with the sometimes arduous process of ensuring there are adequate funds available as well as ensuring that the majority is happy with the design chosen.  We are able to attend strata meetings to show samples and explain the process of balustrade removal and replacement. 

The overall look of an entire building can be improved once the balustrading is upgraded.  This in turn can improve the value of each apartment individually. 

Updated Balustrades using Glass

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