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Maintaining Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Care

All stainless steel will dis-colour, stain or rust if not maintained correctly.

Even marine grade 316 stainless steel or Duplex 2205 will dis-colour and stain if installed in an aggressive environment and not maintained properly. 

It’s best to keep it simple and avoid using too much in the way of cleaning products, unless they are specifically designed for Stainless steel.

Mild dishwashing soap and warm water can do a great job without damaging your stainless steel. 

Put a drop of mild dish detergent in a bucket of warm water, simply wash down then rinse off to remove any grime accumulating on the surface as this is what will eventually cause tea staining. 

The more aggressive an environment is, the more maintenance is required. If you are having Stainless Steel installed in one of the following Aggressive environments, we recommend that cleaning takes place weekly. 

Otherwise a monthly clean should keep it in great shape.

  • Coastal areas which have sea spray
  • On main roads with excessive carbon monoxide
  • Below an air conditioner unit
  • Below a wood beam
  • Below a steel gutter
  • Washing glass or tiles with certain chemicals
  • Some borehole waters

We stock a range of high quality  Stainless steel  care Products in our Taylors Beach showroom or purchase from our online shop.

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