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Outdoor Landscaping

FormBoss Garden Edging

We are often asked to fabricate custom garden edging as part of projects.  The viability of custom fabricating garden edging given the quantities required on residential projects, comes as a challenge for our clients.  Landscaping is commonly one of the last parts of a project to be considered and the budget is usually tight.  We stumbled across a high quality simple solution for our clients that we just couldn’t compete with price wise as a custom made item.  We loved it so much, we decided to become distributors of FormBoss Garden Edging.  A simple online option to purchase this simple and effective product will be available soon.  

FormBoss Garden Edging is already available for ordering, simply email or call us.

Fire Pits

While on the Landscaping thought pattern…. a couple of us in the team were looking at options for our own homes — but we were not interested in the same old Fire Pit designs.  We decided that we should develop a range of stunning Fire Pits that would act as a focal point to entertain around in your backyard, patio or outdoor table.  We have made a few prototypes that we are currently finetuning.  

These will be available through our website as well as other retailers soon. Contact us if you are interested in ordering or would like more information.

Balustrades – MCM Collection

Balustrading is definitely our specialty.  We know it inside out!  Given we work all over Port Stephens, the Hunter and Newcastle, we had begun to notice a trend towards the Mid Century Modern look.  Our customers are simply tired of installing the same glass balustrading that is seen on every other building.  They were requesting pricing on fabricated balustrade details that replicated this era.  Some were simply because they preferred this look to the more modern counterparts, others were because they wanted to maintain the integrity of an older building.  Unfortunately there are limited proprietary systems on the market so custom fabrication is the only option for customers if they want this slim line architectural look.

The MCM Collection is now available for ordering, please contact us to discuss options and pricing.

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