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Our Core Values

WHY! About a month ago Ben, Brad, Garry and Cathy attended a session with Alicia from Guide to Thrive. We were locked into a room together while we worked through a series of exercises to help us come to an agreement on what Values we all resonate with.  After a pretty heavy 12 months including...
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What Quality Looks Like…

In an industry that has been overrun by mass-production – one-of-a-kind, quality custom glass, steel, and aluminium solutions are hard to find. At Bluewater Stainless we have made the pursuit of precision and quality our mission and it is very much at the heart of everything we do. Experts When you choose to work with...
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Choosing a Metal Fabricator

It’s no secret that metals such as stainless steel , steel, brass and aluminium are some of the most popular materials in the building industry.
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The Benefits of Using Glass in Your Build

When you choose a qualified glass supplier and installer you are choosing someone who is an expert on the best products in the business and is trained in the correct techniques to create the safest, highest quality custom solutions for the job.  When it comes to bespoke designs that are safe, secure, and can be...
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