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Steel & Glass Maintenance

Looking after your investment…

You’ve made the decision to have glass and decorative metals such as stainless steel, aluminum or brass  installed into your home.  It is super important that you look after your investment so that you can sit back and enjoy it for many years.

Stainless Steel Care

All stainless steel will dis-colour, stain or rust if not maintained correctly.

Even marine grade 316 stainless steel or Duplex 2205 will dis-colour and stain if installed in an aggressive environment and not maintained properly.

Mild dishwashing soap and warm water can do a great job without damaging your stainless steel.

Put a drop of mild dish detergent in a bucket of warm water, simply wash down then rinse off to remove any grime accumulating on the surface as this is what will eventually cause tea staining.

The more aggressive an environment is, the more maintenance is required. If you are having Stainless Steel installed in one of the following Aggressive environments, we recommend that cleaning takes place weekly.

Otherwise a monthly clean should keep it in great shape.

  • Coastal areas which have sea spray
  • On main roads with excessive carbon monoxide
  • Below an air conditioner unit
  • Below a wood beam
  • Below a steel gutter
  • Washing glass or tiles with certain chemicals
  • Some borehole waters

Less is more when it comes to caring for Stainless Steel. It’s best to keep it simple and avoid using too much in the way of cleaning products, unless they are specifically designed for Stainless steel.  The stainless steel care products that we sell from our online shop are products that we stand behind and use on a daily basis when cleaning up after an install.

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Purple Metal Polish

We highly recommend and use Purple Metal Polish. It is perfect for keeping your Stainless Steel, aluminum or brass in pristine condition. This is truly a no-rub metal polish.

purple polish for stainless steel aluminum

Specially formulated for EASABILITY, DURABILITY and a SUPER HIGH QUALITY SHINE. It is a SUPER QUICK and EASY maintenance product.

Purple Metal Polish contains a superior abrasive along with Hi-tech cleaners and sealers to SAFELY CLEAN, SHINE and PROTECT all metal surfaces WITHOUT SCRATCHING! Easy durable and super high quality shine.

This product can be applied on hot or cold metal. When using this product on metal, DON’T use it like you would an average metal polish. This is completely different. See just how little rubbing it really does take to achieve a shine.

Once applied, fold a clean terry cloth towel or microfibre cloth and buff off  (DON’T RUB!), wet or dry, to a brilliant streak free shine!

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Stainless Steel Care Oil

This product is perfect for keeping your Stainless Steel kitchen benches looking amazing. It is a gentle and protective oil that produces an even, glossy surface. It is quick and easy to apply. Quick visual enhancement of metallic surfaces.  Removes light soiling, dust, cleaning marks and greasy finger prints. Water-repellent protective film prevents surface from becoming resoiled

Tested for use in areas where food is processed or stored. Avoid contact with food. Do not spray on hot surfaces or use in direct sunlight.

Where necessary, remove coarse dirt before use. Spray a thin coat onto the dry surface; polish with a soft, dry cloth. Do not rub dry!

After a huge day of installing glass balustrading or pool fencing, our guys have the task of cleaning all of the glass before they hand the job over to the client.  We have tried many different glass cleaners and have found the products from Envirocare to be fast and efficient.  Not only are they environmentally responsible, they also do an amazing job.

Rapid Window Cleaner

The Rapid Window Cleaner is brilliant for larger scale jobs. Apply the liquid in a spray bottle to the surface of the glass, and then wipe off with a microfibre cloth until the glass surface is dry.

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Window Cleaner

The Window Cleaner is more suitable for domestic use.  This Spray & wipe glass cleaner is a fantastic non-streak formula. It Leaves glass, chrome, laminate and most surfaces clean and spotless. Apply the liquid in a spray bottle to the surface of the glass, and then wipe off with a microfibre cloth until the glass surface is dry.

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window cleaner enviro care
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