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Thinking about Installing Balustrading Before the End of the Year?

Planning is key… Bluewater Stainless can hook you up!

1. Is your Balustrading Tired, Old and Non-Compliant? 

The overall height may be lower than the current National Construction Code requirements of 1 meter above the finished floor level.    It is important to keep your loved ones safe behind your balustrade barrier.  Or if you plan to holiday let or rent out your property and the balustrade is non-compliant – you could be in all sorts of strife if anything goes wrong.

2. Do you Need a Hand with Removal, Disposal and Preparation of your old Balustrading? 

We are able to assist you with removing the old balustrading, & making it disappear.  We are able to do any remediation work required to prepare for  your shiny new balustrade or we can talk to your builder to ensure adequate structure is in place to support your new balustrade.

3. Don’t Make your Balustrade Look Like an Afterthought.

It’s important to consider the design of your balustrade carefully.  The style can enhance the whole facade of your buildings and improve the street appeal and hence value of your property.

We have various designs that we can offer depending on the existing features of your home.  Glass, aluminium and stainless steel options in both proprietary and custom designs.

4. Understand the Compliance Requirements Early On.

Compliance can be scary! We are accustomed to speaking to certifiers when they are involved.  We understand the requirements and the jargon that is sometimes open to interpretation.  It’s important to have a clear understanding of what the certifier expects before you install your balustrading. We can organise site specific engineering if it is required.  Leave the communication up to us, if you like, and we’ll install it correctly so that you get the green light = relaxing on your deck.

5. The Little Extras.

We are able to apply Enduroshield glass coating to your frameless glass pool fencing so that you can cut your cleaning time in ½ – Winning!

We are stockists of Herb Urban and Bio Filta balcony gardens.  The perfect way to grow some ornamentals or food on your balcony or deck

Why Choose Bluewater Stainless for Balustrading?

  • We are experienced Installers
  • Multiple Design options available including custom fabrication
  • We love creating sanctuaries within your home
  • Committed to customer satisfaction

Book early then sit on your balcony or deck and watch the world go by.

Planning ahead gives you the advantage of time to consider your vision, collaborate with our experienced team, have your installation at a time that suits you and your builder and most importantly, create a space that exceeds your expectations. Don’t let this year’s opportunity slip away – secure your balustrade project with Bluewater Stainless today.

Get ready to complete the balcony or deck of your dreams

For more information, or a quote from one of our team members please contact us.

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