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At Bluewater Stainless, we specialise in installing high-quality frameless glass shower screens that not only enhance the beauty of your bathroom but also offer numerous benefits.
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Outdoor Decking Upgrade
We have an exciting new service that we’ve been asked for time and time again and we have decided to run with it! We now provide an Outdoor Timber and Tiles Deck Upgrade Service.
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EnduroShield Review
We have great News! Bluewater Stainless is now a certified Enduroshield Applicator. What does this mean? Our team of installers have undertaken training by ‘Enduroshield’ on how to apply their product effectively and accurately.  If Enduroshield is applied in the workshop by a certified applicator it is guaranteed to last on your glass for 10 years. Enduroshield Glass...
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Helping Owners in Apartments Upgrade to a Safe, Compliant, and Fabulous Looking Balustrade system. Older apartment buildings are highly likely to have balustrading systems that do not comply with the current National Construction Code.  Often they are too low and sit at around the 865-900mm mark from the finished floor.  Currently it is required that...
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five ways to improve the look of your home
The best way to increase the value of your property is to make it appeal to the largest number of people possible. Balustrades and the use of Glass will give it the wow factor and help Real Estate agents get the highest selling price on your behalf.Bluewater Stainless works with Port Stephens and Newcastle’s leading...
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Looking after your investment… You’ve made the decision to have glass and decorative metals such as stainless steel, aluminum or brass  installed into your home.  It is super important that you look after your investment so that you can sit back and enjoy it for many years. Stainless Steel Care All stainless steel will dis-colour,...
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FormBoss Garden Edging We are often asked to fabricate custom garden edging as part of projects.  The viability of custom fabricating garden edging given the quantities required on residential projects, comes as a challenge for our clients.  Landscaping is commonly one of the last parts of a project to be considered and the budget is usually tight.  We...
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Stainless Steel Care All stainless steel will dis-colour, stain or rust if not maintained correctly. Even marine grade 316 stainless steel or Duplex 2205 will dis-colour and stain if installed in an aggressive environment and not maintained properly.  It’s best to keep it simple and avoid using too much in the way of cleaning products,...
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WHY! About a month ago Ben, Brad, Garry and Cathy attended a session with Alicia from Guide to Thrive. We were locked into a room together while we worked through a series of exercises to help us come to an agreement on what Values we all resonate with.  After a pretty heavy 12 months including...
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In an industry that has been overrun by mass-production – one-of-a-kind, quality custom glass, steel, and aluminium solutions are hard to find. At Bluewater Stainless we have made the pursuit of precision and quality our mission and it is very much at the heart of everything we do. Experts When you choose to work with...
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