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Cathy Davis

Cathy Davis

Operations Manager


Cathy’s background is in the Retail, Health and Finance industries.  A decision to go back to study after her second daughter to do something that she had always wanted to pursue – Building Design – led her to applying for an Administration/drafting role within Bluewater Stainless.  Being a fast growing small business, this soon progressed to a jack of all trades (all bar the fabrication!!!) Cathy’s vast experience in the previous sectors, gave her transferrable skills that have assisted in the business over the past 5 years;  From consulting with clients about design, managing jobs, procurement, HR, marketing, drafting and finance management.  As the business has grown, Cathy has gathered a thorough understanding of how the many areas of the business work and has taken on an operational role.   As a female in a male dominated industry, Cathy has faced the challenges head on and is proud to have broken down any barriers that have stood in her way to be a respected member of the team and the broader community that Bluewater Stainless engages with.  Cathy has an appreciation for good design and loves working in an environment where there is such variety in the types of work that is completed. 

Favourite type of Fabrication: Details – I love seeing mine or any drawings come to life in the workshop.  

Play Hard: Restoring furniture, walking the trails, time with my family – especially at the beach, live theatre, camping, wine then dancing!

Proud moment: Watching my 2 girls grow into beautiful humans! Being a Defence wife and all that comes with that lifestyle.

Interesting fact: My dad is a musician and I used to sing in country music festivals with him when I was a Kid (Shame Job!)

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