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Balustrading Metalworks Package

The LUME: Commercial Multi-Residential Apartment Buildings

When we were first invited to tender for this project and we perused the plans – we looked at each other and said ‘This is Mental!’  The balustrading detail involved complex curves in two directions. 

The complexity of the shape of the balustrading was insane! It’s the exact reason we also said “We HAVE to make this!”  This was definitely the biggest balustrading package we’d undertaken to date.  Not just in meterage, but in shear difficulty. 

We were determined to ensure that the architects could have the design that they had proposed and worked closely to ensure compliance was met as well as the design intent.  We designed and built jigs to enable efficient fabrication.   

We had to order specific custom profiles of material as the sizes spec’d up were not available off the shelf.  It was not a completely smooth sailing project but it was one that we look back on proudly and have learnt a lot about managing workforces, upscaling quickly, fabricating and installing with the cloud of covid-19 over our heads. 

It has set us up to take on challenges like this and more and we can’t wait to be involved in more builds such as this one where quality and unique – iconic outcomes are important.

ClientLUME Project
LocationHoneysuckle Drive, Newcastle


Commercial Fabrication Project / Balustrading for a Commercial Multi-Residential Apartment Buildings.

Elements involved in:

  • 1065 meters of Custom Aluminium Balustrade
  • 133m of Curved Portal Frames
  • Glass Pool Fencing
  • Gates and Fencing

Duration of Project: 10 Months