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Shapescaper Stakes


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SHAPESCAPER Stakes and Connectors

Manufactured in Australia with BlueScope Steel

All SHAPESCAPER stakes and connectors feature precision pre-drilled holes that align with corresponding holes pre-drilled along the full length of all SHAPESCAPER edging.

A choice of holes along each length allow for either the recommended x3 stakes per length or x4 stakes per length for specific applications, such as long straight runs of edging in light soils or heavy traffic areas.

Lower profile stakes such as the 400mm long ribbed stake offer a choice of fastening heights that can be varied depending on the profile of the edging being installed along with the required fasteners depth.

Stakes can be installed by matching up the corresponding holes in the edging and then secured by screwing in from the front. Alternatively stakes can be installed by screwing them in through a pre-drilled stake hole into any part of the edging along the back face.

It is important to check that all screwed fittings are placed well under the soil level and will not cause an injury while weeding etc. All fastening above soil level should be fitted off using the supplied rivets.

Recommended Use:

  • SS230R > 75mm edging
  • SS300R > 100mm edging
  • SS400R > 150mm & 185mm edging
  • SS450R > 230mm edging
  • SS580R > 290mm edging
  • SS780R > 390mm edging
  • SS1180R > 590mm edging
  • SS230G > 75mm edging
  • SS300G > 100mm edging
  • SS400G > 150mm & 185mm edging
  • SS450G > 230mm edging
  • SS580G > 290mm edging
  • SS780G > 390mm edging
  • SS1180G > 590mm edging
  • ***
  • SS230Z > 75mm edging
  • SS300Z > 100mm edging
  • SS400Z > 150mm & 185mm edging
  • SS450Z > 230mm edging
  • SS580Z > 290mm edging
  • SS780Z > 390mm edging
  • SS1180Z > 590mm edging

** please note 14-21 days lead time required.

Stake Description

230mm Ribbed Stake, 300mm Ribbed Stake, 400mm Ribbed Stake, 450mm L-Profile Stake, 580mm L-Profile Stake, 780mm L-Profile Stake, 1180mm L-Profile Stake

Steel Type

Redcor, Galvabond, Zam

Steel Thickness

2.5mm, 3.0mm

Stake Length

230mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 580mm, 780mm, 1180mm

Stake Width

45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 42x40mm