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Balustrading & Handrails

Custom Architectural Home, Balustrading, Staircases

Balustrading & Handrails

Whether you are looking to upgrade or add on a deck to your existing home or building the home of your dreams, we are able to offer various styles of balustrading in various forms and functions.

We can offer both Pre-engineered systems or fully custom designs – catering to any budget.

Materials Options

Specialist in both internal and external balustrades in stainless steel, glass, aluminum, wire, steel, copper, brass, timber or combinations of materials.  We have the capability to fabricate various metal types which means designs are limitless.

Whilst glass balustrading is one of our most popular mediums, for those clients that want to push the boundaries or would prefer to renovate and install balustrading that compliments the era of a building, we are able to design, engineer, fabricate and install compliant balustrading that suits any building façade.

Our extensive experience in the industry and the relationships we have with our suppliers has enabled us to source  premium quality stainless steel and other metal components, powder coating and glazing.

Quality Workmanship

We pride ourselves in providing optimal quality fabrication workmanship and installation.  We don’t use ‘knock in’ fittings.  Our joins are fully welded and polished out for longevity and the best overall look.  Our experienced team of installers ensure your project is left in pristine condition.


We will supply balustrading as specified by your architect, engineer or certifier.  It is advisable to liaise with your certifier and engineer prior to finalising your balustrading design.  If you feel a little out of your depths with the technical speak – we can do this on your behalf. 

Custom Projects

Any balustrades that differ our prefabricated range, will need to be quoted on request.

We can assist you by liaising with your certifier to ensure that the design proposed will meet the structural requirement for sign off as well as the compliance to the National Construction Code.  

We thrive on assisting clients that want to add a unique twist to their project with custom balustrading.  This can extend to both residential and commercial projects.

Our experienced team can assist you from the beginning to end of your balustrading project. From design, drafting, engineering, fabrication and installation and documentation.

We genuinely love what we do and this shows in the beautiful balustrading that our clients’ enjoy in their homes.

For the Builders

Our sales team has a thorough knowledge of available systems or customised options. If you need our input at Tender stage, we are able to provide you with a price guide of our pre-engineered balustrading and handrail systems. 

Once you have been awarded the project, if necessary, we are able to provide a more indepth quotation as more specific information becomes available.

On engaging us as a subcontractor, we can manage your project and communicate with any relevant trades that we may need to work with or around.  We have the capability to draft, fabricate and machine metals, source laser cutting, plasma cutting, rolling,  powder-coating, painting and  galvanizing.

We are able to supply the balustrading specified by your engineer.  Let us take away the worry.  We will liaise with the engineer or certifier for you and provide any drawings or product information required to achieve certification if required.  We can source engineering for you if necessary. We will ensure that the balustrading is compliant.  

We are able to provide site specific safety documentation through our inhouse safety management systems.

We can offer a discounted rate for quantities greater than 20 lineal meters.

While assisting with the balustrading – remember, we are also able to fabricate and supply other elements of the build such as stainless steel drains, shower screens, pool fences, screening and custom letter boxes.  This can assist in eliminating delays that come with coordinating numerous trades.