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Commercial Projects

Servicing Port Stephens, the Hunter and Newcastle Commercial Areas

Commercial Projects

The Bluewater Stainless Sales, Fabrication, Installation and Management team have a thorough understanding of what is involved in large scale fabrication projects.  We have undertaken many large balustrading packages and understand the requirements associated with projects that run over a set construction program.  We take pride in performing with precision and attention to detail.

As a team, we are able to review plans and collaborate between our sales, fabrication/manufacturing, project management and installation representatives to ensure all aspects of the scope of works are understood.  We are able to make recommendations on construction methods that will offer both time and cost benefits to your company based on previous experience as well as longevity, quality and practicality to your client. The invaluable experience gained in custom fabrication of a large balustrading projects can be shared with you to ensure cost effective processes and smooth integration with other trades. 

We endeavour to deliver on time, on target and have implemented a debriefing process that assists us pre, during and post project completion to always strive for the best outcome for our client.  Our Company ethos of Plan > Brief > Execute > Debrief has led to many learnings and continuous improvement that can be transferred to your project.

Our construction team will be confirmed based on the debrief process of current projects outcomes to ensure skill sets and performance align with your project.


Careful consideration has been given to the current economic climate and the potential effects that COVID-19 could have on procurement of materials and time on site. We have taken extra precautions and have reassurance from long standing relationships with our trusted local suppliers to ensure that pricing is both stable and stock is available within Australia over the duration of the project.  We have also diversified with our supplier options and undertaken a formal review on our current suppliers to ensure that risk to supply and turnaround time is reduced.

Workplace Health & Safety

Our team’s safety is of utmost importance to us as well as the safety of others on any site we are working on. We use an electronic safety management system called CIRT.  

We understand the importance and requirements of adequate WHS&E management both onsite and within our factory.  We are able to provide all necessary documentation required in the timeframes on tendering projects. 

During longer term projects we expect to be included in the  requirement to attend the weekly site safety meeting and programme coordination meetings.  We ensure this is factored in when rostering staff.


The capabilities at Bluewater Stainless are many. We utilise the latest tools and technologies.

Our factory has the capability to handle fabrication on large meterages for multi-res requirements.

  • Balustrading – in combinations or in isolation from Stainless Steel, Glass, Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Timber
  • Fabrication of Stainless steel, Steel, Aluminium, Copper and Brass
  • Laser Cutting of Stainless steel up to 4m in length.
  • Plasma Cutting        
  • Water- jet cutting
  • Metal rolling
  • Powder Coating
  • Galvanising
  • Polishing of Stainless steel
  • Aluminium Louvred and Batten screening
  • Powder coated and Wood-look Aluminium Louvred and Batten screening 
  • Prefabricated Glass, Custom and Structural Glass applications and installation
  • Stainless Steel drains – Slimline, wedge wire, slotted, tile insert.
  • Fabrication of Staircases – including the drafting and design process, balustrading and timber or glass treads
  • Documentation for Occupational Certification (OC)
  • WHS&E and Workcover
  • Insurance and Workcover
  • Compliance Audit completed


On completion of the Balustrading, a certificate of compliance to the NCC referring to the relevant australian standards will be provided.  Our understanding of the code and the implications to your company not receiving this in a timely manner are understood.  Any issues that could impede this will be identified early to enable smooth end stages of the project for your client. We offer diligence from beginning to end.

We are industry leaders in fabricating bespoke metal work. We have a variety of options available from Propriety systems to custom depending on budget and aesthetic outcomes that need to be achieved. 

Bluewater Stainless is  well versed in dealing with consultants such as Architects and Engineers and are more than happy to lead discussions in this area if necessary.

For the Builders

Our Construction Manager and Installers are familiar with working to RL’s and Grid Intersections.  We prefer these to be available onsite as a consistent method of ensuring accuracy. 

We have access to 3D measuring technology and associated drafting and design to ensure accuracy and attention to detail is maintained.