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Deck Upgrades

Architectural Homes, Renovations, Balustrading, and Staircases
Timber Deck Upgrade

Deck Upgrades

Let us Manage your Deck or Balcony upgrade.

Choosing a Tradesman

Choosing a tradesman can be a headache.  Let us take the worry away when renovating your  deck or balcony.  The years of experience and contacts we have in the building game, means we can organize reputable contractors to take care of everything from start to finish.  We know the steps that need to be taken to get the job done. 

Our Installation Supervisor, Aaron, is a qualified carpenter with 20 plus years of experience and he will oversee the trades, ensure materials are procured, keep the communication flowing and co – ordinate the final step of installing the balustrade so that your space is safe and usable. 

We are able to provide contractors for all of the following works including the balustrading that we are famous for!

  • Asbestos removal where necessary
  • Removal of existing balustrade
  • Disposal of existing balustrade, decking, damaged timbers
  • Engineering of new deck or balcony
  • Replacement of structural timbers and decking
  • Preparation for tiling including waterproofing
  • Tiling
  • Painting
  • Balustrading installation of metal and glass options

How we charge for Deck Upgrade Projects

Deck and Balcony remediation or replacement works are charged using a “Cost Plus” method.This means that we track all hours worked on your project and keep track of all material costs. 

We remain transparent with the cost of materials and use time tracking software to display hours applied to your project. 

The pre GST cost of all materials and Labour is calculated.  A margin is added to this total, then GST is applied. 

What is Cost Plus?

A cost plus contract is used when a fixed price for the works cannot be given at the time of entering into the contract.

For example, if you are completing a renovation, it may not be possible to provide a fixed quote until you commence the works due to the cost of materials and labour or any additional works that may be required once elements of the job are uncovered.

Tile Removal

Trying to book separate trades and ensure that the sequence of events works for your project is a challenge that takes years of practice and experience. 

For peace of mind, enable Bluewater Stainless to handle your deck upgrade from start to finish.  This is a particularly effective option for clients that do not live locally, yet have a property that they’d like to improve or make compliant. 

We can provide that assurance that your work will be completed to an exceptional standard using only tradesmen that we are happy to work with and recommend.