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Pool Fencing

Safe, Secure & Looks Sensational

Pool Fencing

Finally getting that pool installed? Or planning a new build that includes a pool?  We can customise Pool fencing from Stainless Steel, Steel, Corten Panels, Timber, Aluminium, Glass or a combination of materials. 

We work with many landscape designers and are accustomed to thinking outside of the square to give your outdoor area a unique resort feel.

Design & Planning

It is best to ensure you contact us in your planning stage to ensure that you have the most suitable,  compliant pool fence location and material.  We can liaise with your Landscape Designer, Builder, Pool company and Electrician if necessary. 

It’s important to consider the need for Equipotential Bonding when positioning any conductive material within 1200mm from the water.

Glass Pool Fencing – The Popular kid!

While we are able to offer various styles of pool fencing – Glass Pool Fencing is probably the most popular due to the many benefits.  

Spacing glass panels at the recommended distance, ensures that there are no toe holds for your little cherubs to climb over.  

Glass acts as a wind break,

The transparency of glass, enables you to have a clear view of your children in the pool area.

Alternatively, an opaque glass panel can provide privacy within your pool area.

All that said….it is critical to supervise your children at all times…

Compliance & Safety

Our Pool Fencing solutions meets Australian safety standards. We only use reputable self closing gate hardware that has been tried and tested throughout our years in installing pool fences.  It is advisable to liaise with your certifier first prior to deciding on the final layout of your fence.

If you feel a little out of your depths with the technical speak – we can do this on your behalf. 

Custom Projects

Any Pool Fencing  that differ our prefabricated range, will need to be quoted on request.  We can do this from any plans that you may have from your architect or landscape designer.

We pride ourselves in providing optimal quality installation as well as using premium quality stainless steel components and glazing. We can use a combination of prefabricated and Custom glass panels to accommodate fall or irregular shapes.

We also have the capability to source structural glass and all of the documentation associated with Glass Pool Walls.

Watch Bluewater Stainless featured in Episode Five of Exterior and Reveal | Orton House.

We understand that most people have a budget that they need to adhere to and we do our best to offer options that sit within your budget. 

Our understanding of when and how the components of a pool fence should be installed, enables us to work within your schedule and around other trades.

For Builders

We can provide you with a lineal meter rate to apply at tender stage of your projects.  Various fixing methods are available – Channel set, Spigots, Face mounted depending on the area to be fenced.  We can make sure that the pool fence is coordinated with any waterproofing that may be required.

Often balustrading and pool fencing go hand in hand.  Given that we are experts in installing balustrading, why not let us take care or the pool fencing within your project as well.  This will ensure a seamless, consistent method of installation and quality products that integrate with one another.

While assisting with the Pool fencing – remember, we are also able to fabricate and supply other elements of the build such as glass pool walls, stainless steel drains, stainless steel skimmer tray and  screening that complies with Australian Safety Standards for pool areas.  This can assist in eliminating delays that come with coordinating numerous trades.

We can offer a discounted rate for quantities greater than 20 lineal meters.