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Shower Screens

Simple Frameless Elegance

Shower Screens

Our extensive glazing experience enables us to offer the service of installing custom frameless shower screens.  You may want your screen to be supported on brackets or within a channel. 

Get in touch during the planning stage of your bathroom fitout and we can assist with the steps to take and become involved at the time that is right for your tradesman.


We are able to supply your shower screen as a stand alone element within your build or renovation by all means.  However we offer a range of capabilities that can alleviate you from coordinating loads of trades over the duration of your project. 

Check out our other services and ask us to provide you with a collective project price. Our ability to template and draft in-house, means that we can provide custom glass panels to suit your needs within your new or renovated bathroom.

Attention to Details

Our ability to measure and draft custom glass in house ensures the perfect fit for your frameless glass shower screen.

We have a number of suppliers that we are able to source the perfect accessories for your screens.

Watch Bluewater Stainless featured in Episode Three of Exterior and Reveal | Orton House.


Our efficient ability to install your shower screen ensures that our cost is competitive for the quality and customised glass that you will receive.


We are able to install fixed or hinged panels of toughened glass to Australian Standards.  Our extensive knowledge of what is required to ensure the glass is installed in a safe method, ensures your families safety.  We can offer Australian Made Glass if it is important to you.

We understand the importance of timing the installation of your shower screen with other trades and will do our absolute best to accommodate your schedule.

For the Builders

If you’ve engaged us for other glazing requirements on your project such as balustrading and pool fencing, awnings, skylights or pool walls – remember, we are also able to install frameless glass shower screens. This can assist in eliminating delays that come with coordinating numerous trades. 

We can often offer cost savings to install if we are already onsite doing the balustrading.