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Stainless Steel Drains

Sleek and Discreet Drains that Last.

Stainless Steel Drains

Our durable tile insert and grated drains and trays are made from premium quality 316 Grade stainless steel.  These little beauties are often forgotten in the planning stage and we are used to turning them around quickly so that work is not held up. 

They are the ultimate solution for any floor, balcony or shower drainage application.


We offer prefabricated widths in these drains but can customise to your needs if a non- standard width is required.  If fall, tray depth and outlet position need to be accommodated we can customise.

As an added layer of protection, we are able to have the stainless steel drains passived.  This process ensures the surface layer of the drain is un-reactive and is recommended for locations that increase the likelihood of corrosion.


Wedge Wire Grated Drains: Wedge wire grates are available in standard widths of 100, 200 and 300mm. 

  •  Any widths outside of this can be custom made. 
  • The accommodating tray is folded from 1.5mm 316 grade stainless steel sheet and can include outlets in the position required.  
  • They are manufactured to your required length. 
  • The top surface is polished to a satin finish.

Tile Insert Drains: Our Tile insert drains and trays are available in standard widths of 75 and 100mm

  • Any widths outside of this can be custom made.
  • The drain and tray is folded from 1.5mm 316 grade stainless steel sheet. All joins are fully welded.  
  • Our standard drains do not accommodate fall, however we can customise for you if required. 
  • Top tray to carry the tiles to be supported on punched locators.
  • Can be made to accommodate any tile or paver thickness.
  • All top edges to be polished to satin finish. 

Easy to Maintain

We make it easy to maintain our grated drains. Our removable top makes cleaning in the tray easy . The 316 stainless steel only requires a wipe with a clean cloth.

In instances of heavier build-up just rub with a kitchen scourer pad in the direction of the hole pattern. 

Advantages for Tilers

Being a linear setup also makes it much easier to tile around as there is no strange angles to accommodate for like when tiling around a circular drain.

We can customise depth to accommodate the thickness of the pavers or tiles chosen.

Our experienced fabricators are able to customise the drains for you if required.  We only source premium quality stainless steel that is non-corrosive and durable.

For the Builders

It’s as easy as sending us in a quick sketch of your requirements and we’ll supply you with your required drains. A standard 2 week turnaround is needed and anything outside of this will be made clear at the time of ordering.

We can work with your tiler to provide custom tile insert drains specific to your project ensuring tile or paver thickness is accommodated.

We can provide you with lineal meter rates for our standard drains.

Delivery is available.