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The Sky is the Limit...



From a simple spine backed staircase to an elaborate glass masterpiece.  The staircase is an opportunity to include  functional piece of art within your build. You may want to remove, replace or modify a dated staircases as part of a renovation or install a staircase as part of a new build –  With our ability to offer various materials and designs – the sky really is the limit.

Design & Planning

Allowing us to assist you in the planning stage of your build, will ensure the configuration of your staircase is best suited to the space and most importantly, is compliant.

Getting us involved in the early stages of your build will ensure that the existing structure is adequate to support the proposed staircase. 

Our consultant Engineer and Draftsman can provide concepts and relevant sign off if required.

Material Options

Frame: The first point to consider is what the frame of the staircase is to be fabricated from.  We can fabricate the frame from Steel or Stainless Steel and arrange any Powdercoating or Painting to protect and make it look amazing.

Treads: Our inhouse Carpentry experience enables us to supply various timber types with any rebates necessary to accommodate tread carriers.  You can choose from a range of timber types from European oak to Blackbutt in either solid or laminated treads to tie in with any other elements within your build.  Treads can also be fabricated from stainless steel, Aluminium, steel or perforated sheet.  Treads can also be made from structural glass or stone.

Balustrade: Balustrading should be considered as part of the overall look of your staircase.  Our balustrading section contains lots of useful information to assist you with your options here.

Anti slip: All treads must be either treated with an anti slip coating or they must have a non- slip nosing to ensure they are compliant.

Lighting:  It is important to review the position of lighting within your staircase.  You may want to incorporate strip lighting within the treads or LED dot lighting along the handrails.  Talk to us about the possibilities.


 Achieving staircase compliance can be tricky so a consultation is a must when planning your new staircase or renovating an existing.

It is essential that all areas of staircase compliance guidelines are followed to attain Occupation Certification at the end of your build.  Our knowledge and experience will ensure that relevant checks have been made for smooth certification.

Custom Projects

All staircases are custom projects.  No two staircases  that we have ever made are alike.  This is possibly why we love them so much.  The variety they bring to the team and the overall sense of accomplishment once installed is quite addictive. 

Achieving staircase compliance can be tricky so a consultation is a must when planning your new staircase or renovating and existing.

For the Builders

Extensive knowledge of the NCC means we will ensure that the Staircase and Balustrading pass certification.  

We can also deal directly with the client on your behalf to cut down on some of the finer details that you would normally have to think about.