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What Our Clients Say...

We have stainless steel in our kitchen, it has been there now for nearly three years and it looks like it was put in yesterday. The stairs weighted two tons, it was a really big challenging operation. Ben had a vision where he could see the end product and he helped us work through that, and in the end it was exactly how we wanted it, it was perfect!

Roslyn Morris

While building Orton Haus we used Bluewater Stainless for a lot of the elements within the project. There are a great company to work with and do quality work. They are a bit of a one stop shop when it comes to detailed metal work as well as any glass elements such as pool fencing, shower screens. From a building point of view if you have a few of those things on a build it’s easier to deal with one contractor rather than several. It makes life as a building a little bit easier.

Luke Orton
Orton Haus

Ben and I have been working together for about 15 years and just having that relationship helps knowing that Bluewater Stainless will do the best quality job for the client. Sean Richards Building has been building quality custom homes for just over 20 years now where we use a lot of different materials — Bluewater Stainless experience has been integral to the custom homes that we do and I can’t fault their quality and workmanship.

Sean Richards
Sean Richards Building